Clan Arena X
Clan Arena X is a modern Clan Arena mod with all the functionality you expect to find in Clan Arena.

  • Built in EFF efficiency system
  • Observer system with freelook and eyecam toggle
  • Round-based scoring and support for Airshot mode
  • Round-based FFA mode
  • Warp capability
  • Bug-free support for all ID maps
  • Bug-free support for custom maps
  • Standard rocket damage
  • sys_ticrate and sv_maxspeed customizable per server
  • CAx can run in cheat-free mode with typical CA speed settings.

  • Download:
  • Mod Files - 169KB
  • Maps Pack - 12.4MB

  • Clan Arena X is an actively maintained and developed mod released in May 2006.

    Suggestions, comments, features requests and feedback are welcomed. Post at QuakeOne forums or private message R00k or Bam.
    Mod created by R00k, code support by Bam.
    35397 hits since May 29, 2006