Map Texture Downloads:
CTF & EXMX Map Texture Pak 4-5-06 (JPG Format) Download (40 MB) / CTF Screenshots / EXMX Map Screenshots

Model & Model Texture Downloads:
Weapon Models, Ammo, Powerup, & Health Box Textures Pak 4-5-06 Download (15 MB) / Screenshots

Installation Instructions: Download the zip file, unzip it, put it in the Qrack folder. You will need to change PakX.pak or PakY.pak to a different pak number, depending on the curent paks you have in the Qrack folder.

Note: These sets only work on engines that support 24-bit textures and/or MD3 models. The model pak is specifically designed for Qrack. Other engines may have different directory structure schemes for placement of models and/or textures. Other engines may not support jpg textures.

Legal Disclaimer: Many of the textures used in these sets were NOT created by myself. Credit goes to the members of the Quake Retexturing Project, n30g3n3s1s for shotgun model, MoonDrunk for ammo boxes/powerups, and plague for MANY models. I modified textures and compiled them into a neat formation for ease of use.

Miscellaneous Quake Related Downloads:

New Engine Specific Peripheral Downloads:
Colored Lighting .lit Files for E-Series Maps [ Download]

Official Threewave CTF Map Downloads:
CTF Series 1 --ctf1-8 [ Download ]
CTF Series 2 --ctf2m1-ctf2m8 [ Download ]
League Of Capture --ctf3m1-ctf3m9 [ Download ]

LOC File Downloads:
CTF Map Location Files [ Download ]
ID Episode 1-4 Series Map CTF Oriented Location Files [ Download ]

Custom CTF Maps Downloads:
Nameless Capture [ Download ]
CheatC [ Download ]

Rocket Arena Map Downloads:
Original RA Mod Maps [ Download ]
Extended RA Maps by woods [ Download ]

Learning CTF Downloads:
How To Use The CTF Hook Tutorial + Demos [ Download ]
Demo: Playing e4m3 public ctf woods [ Download ]

Misc Files Downloads:
Pak Explorer [ Download ]

CTF Server Locations & Cool Links:

CTF Servers (pub ctf) (crctf) (RA)


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