ProQuake Launcher: Extra Details Page
Optional Config Boost Capabilities
Config Boost is optional -- it can be turned off -- capability to automatically set all of the elite settings experienced players use. No messing with your configuration or learning about settings.

Config Boost ON sets:

  • Sets your name to the Quake Name Maker specified name.
  • Turns off "damage view kicks" (annoying) and weapon bobbing.
  • Sets movement speeds to maximum.
  • Fast console scroll speed.
  • Turns off water distortion hues.
  • Turns off sight-impairing invisibility ring hue.
  • Turns off shadows for faster performance.
  • Sets pq_moveup 1 so swimming with jump is faster.
  • Config Boost new aliases:

  • +superzoom: a zoom that does not mess up sensitivity or FOV.
  • +quickgrenade: throw a grenade and switch to RL/LG/SNG/SSG/etc.
  • +quickrocket: Fire a rocket even if RL is not selected.
  • +quickshaft: Use LG even if LG is not selected.
  • +quickshot: Fire shotgun even if shotgun is not selected.
  • bestsafeweapon: Switch to best non-explosive weapon.
  • help2: List available ProQuake Launcher aliases.
  • Examples:

    bind mouse2 +quickrocket
    bind mouse3 +quickshaft

    The above aliases, except for +superzoom and help2, are not available when starting single player from the ProQuake Launcher, which uses Enhanced GLQuake or Enhanced WinQuake.

    For Less Experienced Players:

  • +rocketjump: An infallible rocket jump; switch to RL first.
  • Config Boost Team-Talk aliases:

  • teamloc: Say to team "I am at bridge with 55 health and 14 armor".
  • teampack: Say to team "Pack @ bridge (I have 55H/14A)".
  • teamenemy: Say to team "Enemy @ bridge (I have 55H/14A)".

    The location parameter only works on maps with supported loc files (included) which presently includes DM1-DM6, START, E1M1, E1M2, E4M3 and custom maps Q1EDGE, A2, SANITY, SCHLOSS, ULTRAV.

    QView 5.00 Server Browser
    The ProQuake Launcher includes the QView server browser and current server list. QView has the convenient ability to see player's IP addresses while on servers, is reliable and does not include annoying advertising.

    Many experienced players already know their favorite server(s), newer players -- and even some experienced players -- are not necessarily familiar with all of the server options available.

    For any download required for any server, is the best place to obtain any required download.

    Enhanced GLQuake/WinQuake for Single Player
    ProQuake is an old school Quake that set out to preserve the look and feel of Quake and focused on enhancing the deathmatch experience.

    Many of today's modern single player maps exceed the limits of the original Quake and exceed the limits of ProQuake as well.

    Enhanced GLQuake/WinQuake, a high capacity engine, is used when single player is started from the ProQuake Launcher.

    Like ProQuake, Enhanced GLQuake/WinQuake does not seek to change the look or feel of Quake and has full compatibility with more single player maps than any other engine.

    Features of Enhanced GLQuake/WinQuake include:

  • Enormous entity/sound/model limits!
  • Supports skyboxes, fog and 24-bit TGA texture support!
  • Animation interpolation, monsters move nice and smooth -- not jerky!
  • Font smoothing for nice, non-jagged font appearance in any resolution!
  • Centerprint message logging; on-screen single player messages go to console!
  • Full compatibility with the original Quake.
  • Numerous map making features for those interested in map development.
    Automatic Undergate Support

    Automatically detects the Undergate and if the Undergate exists, substitutes the slot for Forgotten Tomb with the Undergate, as the Forgotten Tomb has a teleporter in the Undergate.

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