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Quake Reforged - Credits

This long and enterprising project was developed over several months with the aim of giving new life to a quake, and went to complete the work begun by other pioneers in the past.
Only the creators of this site are Alfader and Nergal, united in a common project of fun and cooperation.
Thanks to Nergal and Alfader for designed and created the skins of the monsters, wrote the shader, and created all graphics, structured and created the website, created and promoted the project through consultations and research the best combination of textures for Quake, Engines and multimedia elements, that draft etecera ...
We thank the whole team, particularly administrators, Baker and Solecord for the web space, for their kindness in helping councils, for publicity and to keep up a comunity so beautiful and varied long ago.
Thank you Lord Havoc, the creator of darkplaces, but also for Qrack, Rygel for your Textures-pack, and all those who cooperated with us or not to improve quake, through new textures, sounds, music, add-ons, templates, engines, fan sites, communities, etcetera ...
Try to look at the "readme "contained within each packet to see the complete list.

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By Nergal & Alfader