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RQuake Team Cooperative is a QuakeC modification for regular Quake.

RQuake has a custom server-side engine and QuakeC code that allows virtually any custom map to be played in cooperative mod and has some exciting changes for cooperative play versus the monsters.

RQuake Team Cooperative is a modification based on Rune Quake 1.0 by Slot Zero.

RQuake development server is currently running at coop.runequake.com:26003, you can check it's status here.

  • Power-ups
  • Commands


Grab one an acquire an advantage or skill ...

Absorption Field -You take half damage.
Reload Accelerator - You fire weapons at double speed.

Assault Power - You deal double damage.
Regenerative Suit - You regenerate health and armor if you have it.
Assault Cannon - You get a Rocket Launcher and an endless supply of rockets.
Engineer - You can repair your armor and other players' armor. You can also create armor.
Explosives Specialist - You can fire bombs that explode after 5 seconds and deal serious damage in a huge radius. Can hurt you.
Fusion Cell Reactor - You get a Lightning gun and an endless supply of cells.
Human Torch - Touch monsters to ignite them, your weapon 4 is a flame thrower. You can also set fire traps. Stay out of water!
Impervious Shield - You get 10 seconds of invulnerability after activation. Needs 30 seconds to recharge.
Medic - You can heal yourself and other players. You can also create health.
Singularity Mine - You can drop a singularity mine that sucks stuff in, it will slowly kill monsters it sucks them in.
Stealth Technology - You become invisible and can sneak among monsters, other players can see you.
Vortex Inductor - A stronger version of the singularity mine, it can suck monsters and players in for an instant kill.

Here are some basic commands:

rune-use - Use your current power-up.
rune-tell - Display what power-up you are holding.
rune-delete - Discard the power-up you are holding.
flashlight - Turn your flashlight on/off.
radar - Shows information about other players in format: [distance from you] [health] [armor] .
- Shows experience for all players (including you).
Drop some of your current ammo .
throw-weapon -
Drop your current weapon .

You can bind these commands to keys by typing this in the Quake console:
bind [key] [command], ex. bind f rune-delete

For additional commands type commands in console.

The Experience Points System is simple, you get experience for killing monsters:

  • 4 points for Shambler and Vore
  • 3 points for Fiend and Hellknight
  • 2 points for Ogre and Spawn
  • 1 point for everything else

The more experience points you have the more goodies you start with after you are killed.

Player levels:

  • 0-5 xp: Level 1
  • 6-11 xp: Level 2
  • 12-24 xp: Level 3
  • 25-49 xp: Level 4
  • 50-99 xp: Level 5
  • 100-199 xp: Level 6
  • 200-399 xp: Level 7
  • 400-799 xp: Level 8
  • 800-1499 xp: Level 9
  • >1499 xp: Level 10

The RQuake team currently consists of:

  • RocketGuy - Founder, programmer, web designer
  • Lardarse - Programmer

If you want to join the team, email RocketGuy.

The RQuake team would like to thank the following people:

  • Baker - Designed and maintained the original website
  • ORL - Made Intro2 map