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RQuake 1.1 Final - Maximum with Dev Kit - Includes a 30 page manual, information for setting up a server and playing single player, also includes the source to the Intro map

RQuake Dev KIt 1.1 -> 1.2 patch - Extract to the RQuake folder to patch to 1.2

RQuake SVN Server - You can get the latest source code here, however we don't guarantee its stability


Windows EZ Installer - Includes all the maps running on coop.runequake.com:26003

7-Zip Format - Same as above but in 7-Zip format (can be opened with WinRAR)

10 new maps EZ Installer - Includes the maps added in RQuake 1.2

10 new maps 7-Zip - Same as above in 7-Zip format