Some Modifications


2nd-Gen Radioactive Waste Containers

Keep an eye out for these boxes of explosive toxic waste. They serve the same purpose as those in the original Quake mission, but in addition these can be moved around and jumped onto by the player. So, don't be too quick to blow them up!



You will not find a DBS is the realm of the Architects of Fear. Instead, you will re-discover the power of the riot-controller. Enjoy!



Have you ever wondered where these things come from? If you can make it through the realm of the Engineers of Destruction you will discover the fountainhead... and she will then destroy you.


Forget Willy, this thing bites (literally). Its melee attacks are not too painful, unless it is able to inject you with poison, in which case you should sprint for the nearest health pack. The archenid has no ranged attack, unless you count launching its massive body at the player a ranged attack. A tonne of exoskeleton can kill instantly under the right circumstances.

Mega Enforcers

In the slightly paraphrased words of Lunaran, the enforcer corps has seen expansion. The more skilled marksmen have been given thicker blue armour, a stronger blaster, and an additional grenade launcher.

Hyper Enforcers

Likewise, the elite among them get the most expensive toys available - red armour, spread-fire blaster, rocket launcher, and a recharging particle shield. Pay attention to their shield so as not to waste ammo on them - pelting them from a distance with a scattergun isn't likely to help you much.


Tough, deadly and stupid. Their massive armour and tracking missiles can be a problem. Let's hope you destroy them all before the next arcane artificial intelligence update kicks in.