Secrets & Eggs


start - y va tan

Secret: Not technically
Reward: Access to Nightmare Skill
Finding it: Three buttons to push - two are in alcoves on the lowest level, the third is in the air tube off the sorting room (where the bits for the telepods are stored). Access to the previously closed lower section is now available. Enter the biolab, push both the buttons at the cage, kill the shambler, enter the rear of the cage and jump through the red skull teleporter.

qte1m1 - piedracero

Secret: #1 - A Hidden Stash
Reward: Shells - 4 boxes
Finding it: It's in the storage room that you get to near the start by riding up the derrick lift and taking the elevator down. After getting off the elevator, look up and right on the ceiling for a shootable switch. It opens a grate on the floor that teleports you to the coop start room with the goodies.

Secret: #2 - A Secret Cache
Reward: Nails - 1 box, Blue Armour, Health Kit
Finding it: This secret is off the large underground room with the elevated walkways and the antenna. Activate the elevator and jump down to the watery ground. You can now get below the elevator and swim through a short passage to reach the cave with supplies.

Secret: #3 - A Secret Tunnel Collapse
Reward: Megahealth
Finding it: Activate the large lift with the crates on it from below. Get under the lift and follow the passage that joins the room beneath the lift.

qte1m2 - aguenergia

Secret: #1 - A Secret Passage
Reward: Megahealth, Yellow Armour
Finding it: Near the Silver Key is a section on the wall that has a slightly different brick colour. Shoot it and take a passage to the area around the buildings.

Secret: #2 - A Sewer Stash
Reward: Megahealth
Finding it: From one of the high balconies in the building complex upstream, you can see an open vertical pipe that joins smaller pipes running horizontally over the valley near the start. With a careful jump, you can leap into the open stack and follow one of the horizontal pipes to grab your prize.

Secret: #3 - Carefully Hidden Armour
Reward: Red Armour
Finding it: When you go to the large watery area where the Gold Key tower is, follow the shore near the large generator building to see a plank that you can use to get to a small alcove between the building and cliff face.

Secret: #4 - Some Soggy Ammo
Reward: Shells - 1 box, Nails - 1 box
Finding it: Near the top of the dam is the sluice channel that is used to access the interior of the power generation building. Stay in the water and swim down to find the secret in a passage below the sluice channel.

qte1m3 - costarodillo

Secret: #1 - A Hidden Stash
Reward: Rockets - 1 box, Red Armour
Finding it: After going through the large entrance to the sewer section from the valley outside, you can follow that passage to the end and see a barred door to a stash on your left. Instead, go right as you must to complete the level to the adjacent watery room with diagonal beams in it. Near the floor at one corner is a small recessed pocket with a shootable switch. Hit it to access the barred room nearby.

Secret: #2 - A Soggy Health
Reward: Megahealth
Finding it: This secret is accessed in the underground sewer chamber below the Silver Key temple. After fighting several waves of enemies, some bars move and permit access to a large pipe with a switch that moves down when you touch it. Before leaving this pipe, look outwards and up into a vertical pipe that joins it to see a shootable button on the pipe wall. Shooting the button will raise the bars on a nearby smaller pipe that is below the waterline. Get your health stocked up.

Secret: #3 - A Demonic Secret
Reward: Yellow Armour, A switch to shut down the spike shooter
Finding it: In the underground hallway with the spike trap are two wall panels with demon faces. Walk through the demon panel closest to the spike shooter to grab the prize and shut down the trap.

qte1m4 - el lugar feo

Secret: #1 - A Lift With Armour
Reward: Red Armour
Finding it: In the lower caves with the elevated walkways and staircases are hanging lanterns with stretched faces on them. On one of these lanterns beside the walkway furthest from the entrance elevator is a protrusion that can be shot to activate a lift that raises the armour from the lava below.

qte1m5 - roca de la perra

Secret: #1 - Scragbait's Signature Secret
Reward: Rockets - 2 boxes, Scraggy's momentos
Finding it: From above the bloodfalls looking towards the Scrag temple, you can jump down into the bloodlake and if you follow a passage to the right, you'll see some bubbles rising up. These bubbles mark a teleport beneath the blood to the special place.

qte2m1 - tejido de cicatriz

Secret: #1 - You opened a secret teleporter in the other sarcophagus
Reward: 1 x Rocket, 1 x Nail, 2 x Shell ALL large, 1 x Health normal
Finding it: When you get the GL in the SK area, two sarcophagi open. Push the button in the left one to open a teleporter in the right one. Teleporter takes you to the Co-op start area and the goodies.

Secret: #2 - Some added protection
Reward: 1 x Yellow Armour
Finding it: In the "underpass" after the room of arches the astute will notice both a misaligned brick texture and a strobing light on the left ledge of the crook of the dog leg. Noobs like me will take the upper flame fixture, travel along the long arm of the dog leg and jump across. The experienced will use the lower flame fixture to slope jump straight to the false wall.

Secret: #3 - A secret tunnel
Reward: 1 x Health rotten, 1 x Rocket small
Finding it: In the library, find the barred arch that tells you of a disguised switch. Now look to the bookcases on the level above the arch. The left has a strangely coloured mid top piece...shoot it!

Secret: #4 - Steal the offering
Reward: Ring 'o' Shadows
Finding it: After seeing all the beta testers do it ;\ I decided the intuitive road was better :) Lob a grenade into the lava well in the centre of the altar, if your aim is good enough... ;P

Secret: #5 - You freed the Pent!
Reward: Pentagram of Protection
Finding it: Look for the shootable switch under the PoP.

Secret: #6 - Another stash
Reward: On the face of it some nails, health and green armour, then exit to the Quad ledge...but if you can time this right, YOU WILL BECOME THE PURPLE GOD for 15 or so magical seconds.
Finding it: Get the PoP then dive into the lava, find and follow the tunnel to the teleport arch, pick up stuff if you want, teleport exits you to the Quad ledge in the lava area, grab it...jump...fight...kill!

Secret: #7 - A Secret Teleporter?
Reward: Access to neg!ke's awesome two level mini mission and a mega health on the way :)
Finding it: After defeating the archenids and opening the the GK door you will of course remember the rhyme associated with the demon door in the upper loft of the library: " time, if the exit you find!". Retrace your steps, jump to the MH, dive into the pool and use the secret teleporter.

qte2m2 - voces extranas

Secret: #1 - A reward for the keen of eye.
Reward: 1 x Rocket small
Finding it: The lava trap in between the 'hub' and the dm2 homage reveals a pentagram at full extension. Shoot it! A stairway to the rockets will be forthcoming.

Secret: #2 - A way up!!
Reward: Megahealth
Finding it: Not for the faint hearted, this one. When you push the button to extend the bridge over the lava, you'll also hear the sound of a secret door opening. The door and teleporter are back over the moving platform/lava trap, but the only way to make it there in time is to go full tilt. The only way to score minimal damage after you exit the teleporter is to keep goimg full tilt. Don't try and beat the spike trap...just run!

Secret: #3 - Another way up
Reward: 1 x Health nomal, 1 x Nail large; 1 x Rocket small
Finding it: Look for a teleporter under the epsilon-phi-theta-omega lift

qte2m3 - punto de la infeccion

Secret: #1 - You found a secret area!
Reward: 1 x Nail large, 1 x Rocket small, return to entry level to pick up any unused supplies
Finding it: The button that opens the underwater grates, opens ALL the underwater grates. Return to the lift area and dive to the base of the guard house. Enter the now opened tunnel, make your way to the airlock area, go up the stairs and push the button, through the window you'll see a door open. You've found a stairwell which offers access to the entry level and some goodies.

Secret: #2 - A handy ledge
Reward: 1 x Rocket small
Finding it: After the first cavern and arriving at the bases subterranean entry, send the lift to the surface but don't get on it. Under the lift is entry to an area well worth exploring. It offers a return route to the Water Facility with some health, and access to the ledge with the rockets.

Secret: #3 - A secret place
Reward: 1 x Green Armour, 1 x Health rotten
Finding it: Before heading right (to the Comm Centre) at the T-intersection, take a left, shoot the box of radioactive waste to expose the secret door. Through the slime tank and up the stairs you'll find a ledge with the GA. From this ledge you can drop onto a small health atop a large crate.

Secret: #4 - A secluded alcove
Reward: 1 x Green Armour, 1 x Rocket small
Finding it: At the start of the area with the crane lifts and the Shield Generator you'll see some crates and a couple of boxes of radioactive waste, and a section of wall that is lightly strobing. Shoot the waste boxes and gain access to the open rear of the large orange crate. Take the environment suit and jump into the slime at the closest point, swim back towards the area under the strobing light.

Secret: #5 - A secret teleporter
Reward: Megahealth and access to 1 x Rocket small if you don't need to return for the GK
Finding it: After the crate storage area just before the GK you'll find a ledge with a flickering blue light above it. Turn around and find the cutaway in the wall opposite. Now lob a grenade or shoot a rocket into the cutaway, a section of floor will rise and the grate will open to expose a teleporter. Go through the tele and find yourself atop the high ledge in the area where the large lift originally docked.

qte2m4 - excision

Secret: #1 - A hidden message
Reward: distrans' sig and a Quad Damage In the anteroom with all the supplies, equip yourself with the RL, use the radioactive waste container to get on top of the large crates. You'll notice there's also a waste container on the other side of the crates. Jump to the Green Armour and fire a rocket into the corner with the hidden waste container. Jump back across, the floor has opened up.

Secret: #2 - A secret teleport!
Reward: 1 x Cell & 1 x Rocket both small
Finding it: Under the catwalk, behind the tower furthest from the entrance to the GK room is a shootable button. If shot, a section of wall will slide away exposing a secret teleporter. This takes you to the Co-op start area and gives you access to the supply anteroom if you need to stock up on unused health packs.

qte2m5 - maneras misteriosis

Secret: #1
Reward: 50 nails, 25 health
Finding it: Shoot winking gargoyle face in hallway leading from room with unreachable gold rune key to room with button unlocking the central doors

Secret: #2
Reward: Grenade launcher, 15 health
Finding it: Shoot wall panel sticking out of brace on left side of lava key room

Secret: #3
Reward: Megahealth
Finding it: Shoot pillar with white brim on left lava path leading from lava key room to clamped lift shaft

qte2m6 - secretos mas profundos

Secret: #1
Reward: Red armor
Finding it: Press button at top of waterfall

Secret: #2
Reward: Trinity
Finding it: Jump up boulders in dark corner of button room with Riot Controller

Secret: #3
Reward: Megahealth
Finding it: Follow ledge next to column on path from giant cobweb to upper temple room

Secret: #4
Reward: 25 shells (50 on hard), 25 nails (50 on hard), 5 rockets, 15 health (25 on hard)
Finding it: Jump in open crate next to start telepod

qtfin1 - hacia la fuente

Secret: #1 - A secret ledge
Reward: 1 x Nail large, 1 x Health normal
Finding it: As you exit the first large arena keep walking towards the Azoth image and look down over the edge. You'll see the tip of a ledge occluding some of the star field. Carefully jump down to the ledge.

Secret: #2 - Supremecy is YOURS!
Reward: Quad Damage, 1 x Health normal
Finding it: Another obvious homage to the original game. Just to the right of the area where the Vore protecting the Quad first sights you, over the edge, you'll see a section of wall strobing slightly. Once you pick up the GL and get the cryptic message, return to this spot. Run off the edge down into the now open alcove, lob a grenade into the recess and time your jump for when it goes off. You will be propelled into the teleporter above.

qtfin2 - torredalmas

Secret: #1 - The Void Rewards
Reward: Red Armour
Finding it: Go to the top of Azoth's tower and shoot the button beneath the center spire. A platform with the prize will rise to the edge of the land upon which the tower is built.

qtfin3 - puentaltrono

Secret: #1 - It Could Save Your Life
Reward: Ring of Shadows
Finding it: In the lower burial chamber is the Gold Key. Standing upon the Gold Key pad and looking towards the sacophagus, there is a shootable door on the wall to your left. Behind it is a useful item if you plan things out.

Secret: #2 - Who Made Azoth's Worlds?
Reward: The greatest of all - a look at the Travail Team!
Finding it: After defeating Azoth, you take the teleport back to the ruined Tower of Souls. Just below the teleport entrance in this dark place is another door that you originally started at in the previous level. Now it leads to a teleport that returns you to the catacombs. Back at the catacombs, you'll notice that the large compass door has lifted so you can jump into a dark hole and be sent to a keep with the crew that brought you this fine mod.

Easter Eggs

aguirRe's egg: in the text file, below aguirRe's entry in the contributors section is a string of seemingly garbled alphanumerics. Using a simple transposition key you'll discover that aguirRe has implemented coop2 functionality in Travail. Give it a crack, especially those of you who thought fighting more than one Uberscrag at a time would be a fun thing to do :)

Asaki gives you "impulse 47 - Genocide" for those moments when progression seems blocked for no apparent reason OR for when your planning a speed run with no opposition

Preach gives you "impulse 200 - Poison Self" so you can try to complete levels before you expire from the bite, catching a health box cancels the downward dance so you might want to choose levels that don't have health packs in unavoidable places.

neg!ke signature in qte2m5: Use Pentagram of Protection to dive down lava key tube

neg!ke signature in qte2m6: Shoot three crucified zombies in dead end cobwebs, get down to dead end on the path to upper waterfall room

qte2m1: after finding the entrance to the secret mini mission you may use the teleport to exit, or you may use the wind tunnel to return to the upper level. Use the wind tunnel and jump into the pool three more times. On the third jump you'll notice the bottom of the pool has broken away. Swim down and discover that the level (scar tissue) is dedicated to Asurfael. The picture is of her back in the day when she was manga artist, tattoo designer, math wiz and most probably the coolest Quake fan in the known universe. Scampie says: Best #tf girlfriend ever!

qte2m2: for those who didn't get it, the fortress holding the SK is a complete but not totally faithful rebuild of dm2 - in Travail textures with SP functionality. Yes, distrans is a huge American McGee fanboi :P Also, The House of Chthon in this instance is a partial reconstruction of the Q3TA team's House of of the Q3TA levels that really brings Quake back (kudos to Id).

qte2m2: access to the RA area in dm2 seems to be missing, go on...hit "noclip" and check out a painful message for cheaters.

qte2m4: visit the sig secret a second time and you'll find a big thankyou from distrans to Id Software.

qtfin1: revisit secret #1 and you'll find an homage to Tim Elek and his faithful ice chomping pet. Why? COAGULA of course!