The Files


Create a new folder in your /quake/ directory and name it 'travail'. Decompress the 'travail' archive into this new folder. Make sure to maintain any directory structure which exists within the archive.

Running Travail

Start your favorite quake engine port with '-game x' where x is the name of the new folder (probably 'travail').

An unmodified version of Quake (winquake, etc) will probably not like certain areas of this mission, so some modified engine will be required. Most of the Travail team highly recommend John (metlslime) Fitzgibbon's FitzQuake. It was after all the Travail target engine.

Do not - repeat, NOT! try an QuakeWorld engine like Fuhquake or ezQuake. It might look like it is working to you, but it isn't (as the new progs.dat is not used).

NOTA BENE: Due to the large number of textures used in this mod, NO MATTER WHAT THE ENGINE, remember to save and reload each time you return to the rusted start base. This will circumvent the possibility of a 'too many textures' crash as you proceed.

Travail was also tested successfully in:

glquakebjp - No known issues

JoeQuake - Use 'loadsky x' at the console to implement and change the sky.
Skyboxes associated with each level are:

DarkPlaces (DO use a recent build) - Big thanks to LordHavoc for making changes to this engine so that Travail can run relatively fault free. You may find yourself being sniped at by enemies "outside" the level ocassionally. Alas, monsterous compile times meant that in some cases brushwork couldn't be altered to relieve this problem.

Along with '-game x' in the command line, you'll also need to up the RAM allocated to Quake. We suggest adding '-heapsize 65536' to the line (131072 if you can afford it).

For good reason, none of the Travail levels are vised with transparent water, and that is the way it should stay! We recommend using '+r_oldwater 0 +r_waterquality 32' in the command line for FitzQuake. If you are using other engines you'll need to change water variables to suit.

Travail will load into the new demos. To start a new SP mission, choose 'single player' then 'new game' from the main menu: you will be ported to the Travail start map where you may choose skill level and episode.

The Soundtrack

The Travail Soundtrack can be downloaded in a separate archive. We recommend you play Travail with this specific soundtrack at least once, as it really does add to the experience.